1 nov. 2011

WATT: Best choice for Best ride

After several years involving in the board sport industry, “Mister C”, “Mister I” and “Mister S” decided to found a new brand: Watt Bodyboard.

The goal is to create a full range of products for all your bodyboarding needs.
The 2012 line is already in a selection of key store. Have a look on the 7 models and make your choice between PE, PP or 3D construction. 3 new creation releases on spring 2012.
Watt will also introduce on spring 2012 a full range of accessories such as leash, daybag, travel bag…
Some guys join the team: Yann Salaün, Arthur Cony, Jean Seb Geffroy, Guillaume Betbeder, Miguel Telleria. More European riders coming soon.

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